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Welcome to which is the specialist division within Scrutiny (outsourcing) Ltd that deals with catering tenders for both education and business and industry clients.

Each and every organisation that provides catering, vending and hospitality services, will at some point be faced with the basic strategic decision of having look at alternative suppliers within the format of a competitive tender.

This in itself can be driven by various reasons:

  • There may be absolutely zero dissatisfaction with the incumbent service provider however procurement requirements mean that it is time to review the service contract.
  • Alternatively there can be times when the remit of the services provided need changing to such a degree that it is best to go back to the market and ensure best value based on the new criteria.
  • There can always be (hopefully not often!) the time when a partnership is simply just not working on either service standards or financially or both and it is just better for all concerned to simply start afresh.

In all three scenarios, is able to provide a unique business platform to deliver the best possible result for your business.

However you need to be sure that you are working with a trusted and professional partner.

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